Today, after a long break, I am returning to my wedding preparations. Despite the fact that for several months there were voids in this topic on the blog, I did not give up the idea of ​​preparing decorations myself. From now on, posts from this series will appear a bit more often, because time is chasing us, and I also have more enthusiasm 🙂

If you have been reading me recently, maybe you would like to see the previous entries in this series ? Don’t worry, I won’t overwhelm you with the details of the ceremony. I just want to show that we are not doomed to kitschy decorations and with a little time we can create something unique.

Previous posts from the It Yourself wedding series:

1. Wedding planner – I did not like any of the ready-made solutions, so I made a planner tailored to my needs from scratch. It is also prepared as a download version, so you can help yourself:)

2. A box for wedding rings – our wedding rings are a gift that required a unique packaging. After searching for the perfect box, we decided that the best one will be the one made by hand.

And what do I have for you today?

Every detail is important to me (and at times I start to regret it), but the most important are for the person who will be with us that day. That is why I wanted the official request of my friend to testify to be at least a little solemn. I put the main question in a box with a surprise.

The box is made using the method origami and you can hide small treasures in it. It will be perfect for various occasions, e.g. when you want to present jewelry or gifts for wedding guests (although you will probably need a few pairs of hands to help make it faster),

To prepare the box, we need:

  • two squares of decorative paper, dimensions 15 × 15 cm. They can be larger or smaller, depending on the size of the box. I suggest you first try on a plain piece of paper.
  • a ribbon to be tied.


  1. From paper, cut two squares,
  2. Bend the corners of the squares to the center,
  3. Then fold the upper and lower sides so that the edges meet in the middle,
  4. Straighten,
  5. Bend the right and left sides so that their edges touch in the middle,
  6. Extend,
  7. Extend upper and lower corners,
  8. Bend the sides along the bends,
  9. And we put the top corner in,
  10. We do the same with the bottom corner.
  11. Repeat with the second square and it’s done 🙂

I prepared a harmonica with a question inside. I glued one word to each square. For the front of the accordion I have prepared a slightly larger square made of decorative paper. I glued a heart with a button through which a long string was wound. It was enough to twist and tie the accordion.

Finally, the ribbon and it’s ready!

That’s all for today. I hope you liked the effect and you will try to create such a box 🙂