How is your first day of picnic? I hope that you are not cleaning up, but relaxing 😉 I decided to use it as creatively as possible and give an outlet to the ideas in my head. I hope that soon I will be able to boast of the results here.

But before I tire you DIY, the thing that causes the most problems when it comes to folding, i.e. the sheet with an elastic band. I present to you two ways that differ only in one step. The final effect is very similar, but the folded sheet differs in size.


  1. We connect the top and bottom corners, hold the corners on our hands.
  2. Two joined corners with Connect the left hand with those in the right hand and place them on a flat surface, preferably a bed. We form a square or a rectangle, depending on the size of the sheet.
  3. We fold the square in half (blue sheet), or fold one edge inwards (orange sheet).
  4. If we fold the edge inside, only now fold the sheet in half.
  5. Fold the left or right side of the sheet to the middle.
  6. And again fold the left or right side so that it touches the edge of the sheet .
  7. Done 🙂

What is the difference between the blue and orange sheets when folded? Size and thickness. If you have wide and deep wardrobes, then folding a blue sheet will be better. If your cabinets are narrow, the second way is better.

And if you fail, you can always do this 😉