Welcome! Today I would like to show you how to make an almost professional interior of a box for storing earrings or rings with simple means. I have several boxes for jewelry, it is in my family house and there are rather little-used jewelry in it, or the one with which I just arrived, so its size is also small.

I devoted part of the box to earrings and rings, I left the other flat so that I could put bracelets or chains.

To make compartments we need :

  • felt sheet in any color (there can also be a different material)
  • matches
  • toothpicks
  • scissors
  • magic glue


  1. We cut the felt strips of the appropriate length (we measure the width of our box beforehand and the strips should be of that length )
  2. Grease the edge of the strip with glue, place 3 toothpicks next to each other We don’t put a match. If you have a larger box, you can use pencils and not play with sticking toothpicks.
  3. Roll the material and its end stick with magic.
  4. We put the „rollers“ in the box.