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Warum sind Keller während COVID-19 ein Trend-Home-Feature?

30 crumbs of happiness – summary – The Home Blog

Yesterday, a beautiful number of 1000 likes appeared on Facebook and although the numbers are not important, it is any sign that you appreciate what I do , gives a huge kick. Thank you! I think it’s a good time to summarize our 30 crumbs of happiness, so please

New readers probably don’t know what’s going on, so I’m in a hurry to explain. My Fiancée and I found round numbers to be a good reason to enjoy yourself a little. And so we celebrated 100 loves with pizza (and 400, I think, too, and then I only heard „oh no, pizza again“: D) and 300 lubisiów with 30 small tasks proposed by readers, which make us happy every day.

Our happy sentences:

  • breakfast in bed
  • candlelight dinner
  • good movie
  • cooking together
  • evening with board games
  • foot massage
  • massage (we didn’t take pictures then :))
  • some dessert (one of many, hot chocolate with electricity)
  • play RPG (I’m with the Game Master and I’ve never played, but the creative workshops have passed :))
  • chestnut men (photo before the game)
  • concert (version online but there is!)
  • an evening walk around our city
  • cinema
  • star gazing

I was very happy with the implementation of each task, they made us a lot of joy, and the most important thing is that you also appreciate these little moments as much as we do 🙂


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