Finding the perfect cover for my phone was quite a challenge. The qwerty keyboard means that I can’t buy a plastic case, and the slip-on covers that fit my phone, unfortunately, do not impress with either the look or the quality. That’s why when I saw this one, I knew right away that I must have it! Modern and simple design, which is exactly what I meant.


  • Magic glue – available at good stationery stores. Absolutely the best glue on the market, it sticks together everything, leaves no traces, is flexible and when dry it is transparent
  • thread with a needle – for making stitches
  • chisel or pushpin – for making holes
  • template – you can download it here (original tutorial page)
  • a piece of leather – mine is the upper made of mum’s boots, as usual I used, what I have at home


  1. We match the printed pattern to the material
  2. We cut out the right shape, I stuck it with adhesive tape so that it does not move while cutting. Of course, it is best to draw it on the material, but it only occurred to me now when I am writing for you 😉
  3. We fasten the fabric with the pattern and punch holes, thanks to which we will obtain an even hem
  4. all holes
  5. Sew together two opposite triangular sides
  6. Glue the bottom of the cover to the bottom with Magic
  7. And ready!

The cover looks great, the shape of the envelope suits me very well. Unfortunately, it turned out that the leather of the upper is a bit too soft, which makes it not very convenient to insert, remove the phone and close the case. Therefore, if you are tempted to make it, buy a new piece of leather or use one that is quite stiff. For now, I usually carry my phone in it, as in the last photo, but there will definitely be approach number 2!

Are you tempted?