Welcome! Today I wanted to show you a postcard that I sent as part of the Postcard from holidays campaign organized by Marysia from Art Attack {be inpired}. I know that the postcard got to the addressee and liked it, so I am very happy:).

My holiday trip is still ahead of me and when I reported my participation in the campaign, I knew it would be like that. But I decided that my postcard, despite the fact that it is not away, will reflect my holiday look at the places where I spent the whole vacation.

The postcard includes my photos of my favorite Łódź gems. I wanted to disenchant Łódź, which is perceived by many people as a gray and dirty city. And I am looking for gems, because there are plenty of them in Łódź, and sometimes it is enough to just look up and look at the beautiful tenement houses. And I think that in every city there will be places pleasing to the eye and soul, but also places where it is better not to show yourself even during the day. It quickly turned out that there were so many places that the postcard would have to be twice as long:).

Manufaktura, which is the center of Lodz life and although I like shopping centers on average, I love the market square in Manufaktura, could not be missing. And there you will find various attractions, e.g. the colorful Tuwim locomotive.

Plac Wolności and Piotrkowska are also fixed points on the map of Łódź, and although now Piotrkowska Street is turning into a beach due to renovations, and this is how it is worth taking a walk. And at Piotrkowska Street, of course, Manekin. The best creperie in Łódź. I love the atmosphere of this place and the food is always delicious. Simply MUST HAVE!

While in Łódź, it is impossible not to notice the murals. One of my favorites in the photo. I love this form of graffiti and prefer it a million times more than dilapidated walls.

I’m still waiting for my postcard, but I hope it will reach me at any moment! Did you send your cards?

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