Welcome! I was overwhelmed by a sweet weekend laziness and the blog was quiet, but I really needed that disconnection. Regenerated strength, head full of ideas and new posts are waiting for publication. In addition, today, at the beautiful end of the week, she hit 300 on my fanpage on Facebook. Thank you!

We have already celebrated 100 loves on the blog with home-made pizza, which I prepared for my fiancée (you can find the recipe here), for 200 I got a pizza and was served with my favorite drinks 🙂 ( By the way, I probably haven’t drunk so much alcohol in such a short time before. We decided to celebrate the 300th anniversary with you! ) Do you know what cleaning, tidying up, organizing is for? In order to enjoy every other moment in life, so that this mess would not disturb us. Let us be happy. I am happy, and although it happens in various ways and there are insurmountable obstacles, I feel happy at every moment. And I still want more of these moments!

Therefore, I hope that you will share with us your little happiness that we will be able to introduce into our lives. The idea is that it would be 30 (unless you come up with 300 and we will have fun almost all year :)) small, small tasks that make you happy and that my Fiance will do for me, or I for him (although I would prefer the first option ;)).

You will be able to follow the photo-story report on the completion of tasks on my Instagram and Facebook profile, and the summary of the action will of course appear on the blog.

So how, are you picking up the gauntlet? Are we looking for 30 pieces of happiness together?