Hello guys! After all, I have a machine 🙂 I have been able to verify my tailoring dreams for several days now and you know what? It’s great, although my works are totally invisible 🙂 I wrote to you about the fact that I dream of a sewing machine in my wishlist ( by the way, it’s probably time for another one :)). Zofia Łucznik was there, but in the end I decided on a different model.

The desire to sew had followed me for several years, although I had never had contact with the machine before I didn’t have, let alone sewing myself. But sewing seemed a completely natural thing to me, the only problem was the lack of a machine. And you know how it is, you would buy it, but there is no money, and when it is, these are more important expenses. And so I delayed this decision, I was wondering if the choice of Zosia was a good choice, etc. In the end, I was put against the wall (a little fiancée blackmail) and I managed to fulfill my dream:)

Of course, before With the purchase, I looked through all possible advice on what a relatively modern machine should have. I consciously gave up some of them, but the metal components were decisive and the choice fell on Ark Radom 888.

If you are looking for a machine, articles about what machine to buy may be helpful for you, advice on What to look for when choosing it, prepared by Ushii and a list of good and cheap machines for beginners.

I do not know how many tips I followed, but some must have my machine does not have. Because I want to try first of all. I will not become a professional seamstress, and my machine is to be used for home modifications, such as shortening the pants, sewing the curtain tape, and above all for scrapbooking (it is possible to sew by hand, but the binding of one sheet of paper takes about 2-3 hours, 15 minutes on the machine, or less). Therefore, my advice is: think about what you need the machine for and buy one that fits your budget and meets the initial requirements, but has a long warranty and is well rated:)

And what interesting did I sew?

I started with the hearts you see in the last photo. I dream of such scented hearts for the wardrobe, because so far ordinary sachets (like those for shoes) are hanging. And I wanted to sew them so much! And then prepare the post 🙂 Well, the reality was brutal, such lopses came out, so you have to wait a little longer for the wardrobe smells. I train hard:)

After these trials, I followed my mother’s advice, started with simple things and made an ordinary pillowcase. But I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t want a pillowcase with a frill. As you can see, it came out, but compared to the usual one, it took me 8 times more time to sew it:)

Much earlier, I found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to transform a regular T-shirt into a vest top . Of course I had to try. I had two shirts about my size, but a little too big. And I decided to give them a chance. The navy blue one is very imperfect, but the yellow one is even suitable for walking outside 🙂 The tutorial can be found here. I limited myself mainly to cutting a piece of fabric from the bottom, sewing an elastic band and joining the two parts.

I am I wonder if you have machines and do you sew? Or maybe you know interesting places on the internet with tutorials and tips for beginners?:)