Welcome! Today I would like to show you how I realized the idea for a dotted umbrella from the Design Love Fest blog. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. I know that the terrible heat and rain cannot be seen, but I postponed the umbrella publication once because of the heat and it started to rain, so I won’t wait any longer, and maybe next time you will beat the rain with a dotted umbrella 🙂

In the original idea, fabric paints were used to paint the dots. I do not have such and I was not very happy to buy a few colors when I knew that I would use them once, and maybe again in about six months. However, the idea was still in my head and I finally put on nail polishes.

What will be needed :

  • umbrella you want to change – my is the most ordinary of Rossmann, I never liked its color, so I decided to experiment:)
  • multi-colored varnishes for nails or only one
  • baking paper
  • painter’s tape, the wider the better
  • scissors
  • something to draw circles, or a large round hole punch

Steps :

  1. Stick the painter’s tape to baking paper (thanks this will make it easier for us to cut out circles), draw them e.g. from a coin and cut them out
  2. Remove the tape from the paper, we stick to the umbrella. It is important that the tape sticks well and does not stick out anywhere, because then the varnish may flow out and the dots will not be perfect
  3. We paint, it is possible that two coats will be needed, it all depends on how well the varnish covers.
  4. Leave it to dry, when it dries, peel off the tape and it’s ready!

It’s already raining I’m not terrible! As soon as I unfold the umbrella, the great humor returns. So what if everyone is looking at me so strangely 🙂