Welcome! If tangled fleas are your nightmare and each of the methods you’ve tried gives the same effect – a 5-minute untangling, I hope that these problems will end today 🙂

In 99 % of the time the way is foolproof, sometimes I have one untangle loop tel

Steps :

  1. On Place the headphones in the middle of your hand, so that the shorter one hangs slightly
  2. Wrap the longer one around your hand (if your headphones are are of the same length, just put them in the middle of your hand)
  3. Wrap the cable around your hand
  4. We leave the end of the cable unwrapped
  5. Take it off your hand, grabbing the middle
  6. And we start wrapping from the inside
  7. Put the tip itself through the twisted cables and it’s ready 🙂

WITH To unfold them, remove the tip and pull it. Isn’t it so easy? 🙂