I am looking for something that will not be associated with a funeral …

I did not think that it will take us so long to choose a church decoration. Until yesterday, I was not 100% sure whether our wedding would take place in the church or in the church yard, but we already know that there will be an open air session 🙂 Which, however, changes the problem of flowers and decorations.

What I want to avoid:

  • glamor
  • of large wreaths made of gladioli, which, despite the fact that they are present at almost every wedding, remind me of funeral wreaths
  • I also say no to other huge bouquets
  • candles, bows, tulle fabrics
  • artificial flowers


The courtyard next to our church has a glass roof, so nothing will fall on our heads, there is no green grass and we don’t have to „build an altar“ because it will be moved from the church.

We even like the setting as in the photo below, but there are these terrible wreaths and a cover looks like a sheet.

1/2 / photo from florist

A „carpet“ of petals would look beautiful for the first pass, I would probably have a multi-colored dress right away, so it falls out too. And although I am most inclined to the delicate decorations by the chairs and two bouquets in tall vases at the altar, none of these proposals impresses me.

Photos from my florist

The option we will probably choose will be flowers in cones hung on chairs.


And although I do not like the composition from the photo below (selection of flowers, color of the horns, the spread of bouquets) , at the moment I see it more or less this way. Visualizing the courtyard, it seems to me that it will not be bad.

Source, photo sources on top 1/2

This is only a small part of what I saw and what the florist sent me. Nothing impresses me, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I don’t like. So if you want to advise me or send me some suggestions, I will be very, very grateful!