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16 ideas for creative guest books – The Home Blog

I hope you are recharged after the holiday weekend. I chose one in the offline version and I will tell you that sometimes it is good to get into such a rehab from the Internet 🙂 But today I come back with another dose of inspiration. This time I have a collection of ideas for creative guestbooks for you.

I can’t imagine my wedding without a guestbook – I like to celebrate moments and capture them in a more materialized form than memories, but I also don’t want to was an unwanted chore for my guests. That’s why we decided to do something different, creative and alternative to the traditional guestbook. Before I show you our version, however, I will share the coolest finds.


Even if we want to keep the guestbook in the form of wishes or thanks, we can dress it up in something surprising. My favorite is Jenga

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Photo booths and Polaroid photos are a two-in-one option – an attraction for guests and a souvenir, i.e. the perfect solution. And by hanging photos, we also have a unique room decoration. Very tempting option 🙂

Source 1/2


The least problematic option for guests (because you only need to sign up) that can be dressed in a way that we only dream of. After all, you can sign on almost anything! Here, too, I include fingerprints that are very popular recently, and if you would like to have such a bicycle version at home, here you can design and download it for free.

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I hope you liked my suggestions – interesting I am or, any of the ideas you will want to implement at your home, or – if you are already after – have any of them been at your wedding? With each photo, I imagined myself looking at such a book and I feel excited every time! One of these proposals will also be with us, but I will write about the exact form in which I will write you another time


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