The choice of the main color at our wedding and reception was not for me it was so obvious that I “knew it forever”, but it was natural for us in the end. I chose salmon, which in my opinion blends perfectly with white, giving a delicate and romantic effect. During the preparations, however, it turned out that it is a bit problematic, so today I want to advise you on what you should pay attention to before you finally decide on a color or theme at the wedding and reception.

Choosing one color On the one hand, we make it easier to realize, because we know exactly what to look for, on the other hand, we make it difficult, because the stairs will start when there is not what we need. Before making a final decision, choose two colors, check them in terms of the matters I am writing about and decide 🙂


Our choice was in no way dictated by the season. I did not wonder what flowers are in May, it is time for lilacs, because I would not choose them anyway. But now I think it’s worth checking it out, especially when we want to have a bouquet in the main color. It’s good to know if we will get the flowers we choose in it. It’s really nice to combine it and know it in advance to sleep well. I omit the fact that we will pay less for seasonal flowers.

My vision of flowers changes most often during the whole preparation. And two months before the wedding, I found out that the final elected will probably not be in May. And certainly not salmon. So before you enjoy your decision, check it and consult it with the florist.


Although it is a leading color, it is intended to be an addition to white. Moderation and minimalism are the key to success, after all, I don’t want the wedding to be confused with another party. There will be time for the baby shower 😉

The salmon will appear in details: invitations, flowers (but I don’t know if all of them), guest book, vignettes, car decorations, ring pillow, but always in addition to white. Determine the choice of these elements in advance and do it wisely.

And while we’re already talking about colorful compositions, it’s worth taking a look at the room where the party will take place. Although my observations show that they are rather in neutral colors, when choosing the main color you have to take into account the standard decor of the premises.


Since we already know what we are looking for in our color, it would be good to see if we will get something in it. It doesn’t matter if you prepare the decorations yourself or buy them – before you make a final decision, check the assortment of wedding accessories stores in terms of the selected color / theme. It may turn out that the color you choose is not popular or you will not get exactly the elements you need. You know how it is, like so much of everything, and when you have to decide on something, you have nothing.

Of course, you can stand on your eyelashes and get exactly what you imagined, but some things are worth giving up to save yourself stress.


The most important point! It was there that my salmon color turned out to be problematic. After reviewing the assortment in stores, we knew that most of our decorations would be DIY, because we wanted to avoid unnecessary glamor. And when it came to buying ribbons, organza, paper, what was my disappointment when I got orange instead of salmon. This color is often confused with orange, coral and peach. Only after ordering a few samples of ribbons and matching one of them with paper, the shade was chosen.

And it looks like this:

I guess if I had checked the salmon options first, our choice would be the same. But we would spare ourselves the nervous search for paper for envelopes, and elements falling into an orange shade would be a deliberate decision, not a last resort. But it will be beautiful anyway!


Most detailed decisions are made when the day is near, but it is good to choose a color or theme in advance and not leave samples for the last minute. In the pictures the colors look different and you can really be disappointed. And you also need time to run around stationary stores.

You already know our color, the motive will be a monogram – it also came out completely natural. And what is your dream or planned main color? If you are after this day, be sure to reveal what it looked like with you.

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