One of my spring plans was a balcony garden and an attempt to grow my own herbs. This week we have finally planted them and are waiting for the first signs of a new life. And so that we would not get confused, I made quick and very simple labels from wine corks.

To prepare them, you will need:

  • corks – you don’t have to drink so many bottles of wine 😀 You can easily buy them at allegro for pennies,
  • toothpicks,
  • gel pen.


  1. We make subtitles.
  2. We stick toothpicks, it goes very easily and you don’t have to wrestle.
  3. Put them into cuttings or pots and it’s ready 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed for them to grow up and let me know if you are playing gardeners. I had a lot of fun planting and dumping the soil and I’m just waiting for the moment when I start talking to the seeds 🙂