Typography is one of those ways of interior decoration that I have always wanted to use at home. However, my hesitation as to whether these should be spatial letters or in the form of a poster / picture prevailed and I had nothing. Until I read 31 sentences that are worth saying in life.

What is their relationship with my typographic image, I already explain 🙂 Edyta, the author of the blog Life Skills Academy, collected them in a very inspiring post . I think you know her well, but if you missed this article, I highly recommend it 🙂

Although I think that these words accompany me every day, reading them I felt very warm and had one thought „never forget them“. And then I already knew that if I had a typographic poster, it would only be with these sentences! After all, I am a visual learner and what I have in front of my eyes is best preserved for me 🙂

To prepare the poster you will need:

  • the word, sentence, thought we want to put on it – this is definitely the most important
  • free afternoon
  • computer and printer
  • or frame for binding

When designing the inscription, remember that the larger the margins, the better it looks. I did four types of prints in different configurations and you can trust me. The greater the distance from the edge, the cooler the effect.

And finally some typographic inspiration. I would love to hug each of them 🙂

Let me know what sentences you think are worth saying in life and where you would like to write them 🙂

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