Today I have one of my favorite DIY for you, which puts me in a good mood from the very morning. I decorated ordinary wooden hangers with inscriptions using the decoupage technique. I was not quite sure how self-prepared subtitles would pass the exam, but it turned out that the idea works great, and I have unlimited possibilities creative 🙂

This way you can personalize anything you want, so even if you don’t feel like hanging hangers, you may find another item that deserves a new life.

To prepare you will need:

  • The item you want to decorate
  • A printer, preferably a laser, but an inkjet printer will also be good
  • A4 sheet
  • Third layer of any paper napkin
  • Decoupage glue
  • Brush, adhesive tape, scissors


  1. At the beginning we have to prepare the subtitles, e.g. in pro I’m playing Word. It is best to make a test print to match the size of the inscription to the decorated object.
  2. Stick a napkin layer onto a plain white sheet of paper (you need to cut it to the correct size).
  3. We print the inscriptions on the napkin.
  4. We tear them gently.
  5. We glue the inscriptions to the decorated object with decoupage glue. If the print was made on an inkjet printer, let’s use a small amount of glue and gently smear it with a brush, because the ink may smudge (but as you can see, it didn’t happen for me, which I was most afraid of)
  6. Leave it to dry, and then just enjoy a beautifully decorated object. If the inscription is uneven, we can – after it is completely dry – gently rub it with sandpaper and cover it with varnish.

And this is how the hangers look „in action“ 🙂

Hope you liked the tutorial. Let me know if you would see such hangers at home.