Today I want to show you a little metamorphosis of my dressing table. Although the word „dressing table“ is too much said, because its role is played by the most ordinary, in addition not very pretty, chest of drawers. But since now I can’t afford a real dressing table, I decided to change what I have 🙂

The same chest of drawers also serves as a bedside table, so I have to share its space with a lamp. The fact that I do not have a lot of cosmetics and I divide my jewelry into everyday and occasional matters made it easier.

At the beginning, the idea was simple, on top of the jewelry hidden in a box and a perfume bottle, a place for cosmetics in the drawer. Over time, more boxes joined, it got much too gloomy and chaotic:)

The search for an ideal solution has moved towards minimalism. The boxes are gone and only the light remains from the previous configuration. This is the effect AFTER the metamorphosis.

The main element is the IKEA stand which I bought for all PLN 10. He replaced 3 boxes, and it mixes the things I need every day, i.e. my favorite jewelry that I wear every day and a perfume bottle. It is more comfortable and definitely more pleasing to the eye.

I also added our photo to make it cozier, and from time to time live flowers appear there (artificial flowers are prohibited from entering by their fiance :)) .

There will be one more element coming soon, which I hope will bring a bare wall to life.

SMALL DIY, or decorating an IKEA stand.

The stand I bought is available in two sizes (I have a smaller one) and two colors (white and black). I didn’t want it to be too boring, so I decorated it with circles that I cut out with a self-adhesive paper punch.

If you would like to change any item in this way, wipe the glued surface with alcohol beforehand. As a result, the glue will hold better. And the metamorphosis with gluing is reversible, so if the effect is bored you can always go back to the previous state.

I hope you like the effect You as well as me. Let me know what your dressing tables look like, and if you have a real one, can you show off a photo?