Who among us has not been looking for the perfect calendar? And if the middle suits us, the cover is not like that. This is how my adventure with scrapbooking began – with the decision to decorate the cover and looking for tips on the Internet. Now preparing the cover is my little “New Year’s Eve” because this is the way I celebrate the beginning of the year the most. And I invite you to the scrapbook tutorial.

You will need:

  • calendar – this year I glued the cover, but before that, I used to „disassemble“ it to just cardboard
  • decorative paper – you can buy it at fabric stores for scrapbooking, I printed my pattern on an ordinary home printer, but on thicker paper.
  • Magician glue, scissors
  • various decorations – in my case, minimalism rules recently, so this is also my cover. I used wooden letters and a ribbon


  1. Decorative Paper Sheet the cover with which we will stick it should be larger than it, at least 1.5 cm on each side. For me it was more, but the 1.5 cm is enough.
  2. We stick it by lubricating the cover, not the paper, at the edges. I recommend starting from the back, because the first one is always worse for me rzej Later we glue the back and finally the front.
  3. four corners as shown in the photo.
  4. We cut out a strip of paper on the spine so that you can conveniently fold it inwards
  5. First glue the top and bottom parts, then the side.
  6. If we want some elements to decorate the entire cover and wrap inside, now is the time. In my case, the ribbon is placed through the front and back of the calendar.
  7. The inner part of the cover is covered with paper 0.5 cm shorter and narrower than each side of the cover.
  8. Finally, we decorate the cover at our discretion. For me, a heart instead of zero, because 2014 will be a year of love for me 😀

I recommend Magik glue to stick all the elements, because then it is 100% guarantee that nothing will fall off. If you want to carry the calendar in your purse, protruding or very delicate elements (e.g. paper flowers) may not work. My calendar will be more like a desktop calendar, but carrying it in a purse will also survive 🙂

I hope you will find the tutorial useful. Let me know if the calendars have already been purchased and completed, and if you have found the perfect ones 🙂