Hi! Today I have another way for you to smell beautiful at home. Homemade aroma diffuser in oil version.

To prepare it, we need:

  • a decorative bottle, I used after the perfume. But you can also use a small vase, preferably the bottle should be narrow at the top,
  • rattan sticks,
  • teaspoon of vodka (helps the fragrance flow through the sticks),
  • base oil, can be mineral or e.g. grape seed oil,
  • Your favorite fragrance oil


  1. if you use a perfume bottle, remove the spray part from it
  2. pour the base oil into the bottle, about 1/2 of the bottle
  3. add a teaspoon of vodka and about 12 drops of essential oil. You can change the amount of fragrance oil according to your preferences. Mix thoroughly
  4. Put in rattan sticks and it’s ready!

We should turn the sticks once a week so that the fragrance is evenly distributed. That’s all it takes to enjoy our favorite fragrance 🙂