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DIY car air freshener – order in the house, order in life Ania Legenza

Hi! I promised one reader that I would think about an alternative to traditional car air fresheners. The solutions that I want to show you today are very simple and have a great advantage: they smell as we dream about them 🙂

The first version is more feminine. To do this, you will need:

  • felt (all the color stock was bought in my Empik, and I didn’t want to wait any longer and bought this bulb color :))
  • fragrance oil (essential or fragrance)
  • something to draw circles
  • glue on hot / drop (I used the Magician, but it dries very long, so I do not recommend, you can also sew circles together)
  • string for hanging
  • pencil, scissors


  1. Draw 9 circles on the felt, the bigger it is, the bigger the freshener will be. The diameter of mine is about 5 cm
  2. Cut out circles
  3. Put a string in the middle of one.
  4. We put each circle together:
  5. In half.
  6. And again in half.
  7. And stick these 4 petals on each side of the circle. Therefore, quick-drying glue will be good.
  8. Pour a few drops of essential oil into the center of each petal. The more oil, the stronger the scent!

Second the version was supposed to be more masculine, but the yellow color made it not quite successful 🙂

Will be needed:

  • felt
  • leaf tea
  • perfume oil
  • hanging cord
  • needle and thread


  1. We cut two identical patterns from the felt as soon as you dream:)
  2. We sew them together and with a string for hanging, leaving a hole for pouring tea
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil to the tea, then add the staples ready and ready!

You can use tea instead, e.g. dried lavender. It smells amazing!

PS There are over 500 of yours on my Facebook fanpage! Thank you very much for all the likes, comments and e-mails. I am so glad you are there! 🙂


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