Hi! Today, another DIY wedding in my work – a box for wedding rings. Making a box is not difficult, so if you need extra space to store your rings, it’s time to get down to business 🙂

Wedding rings are a gift, I think the most important and the most valuable, so they need a unique packaging. And it is known that what we do ourselves is the most unique. Therefore, the wedding rings wait the year in our joint work:)

We focused on minimalism. Two hearts will probably become the leitmotif of the decorations, because they also appeared on the wedding planner. And inside, only our initials 🙂

You will need to make the box:

  • wooden box
  • stain
  • felt
  • decoration on top, we used hearts from Scrapinca
  • white paint or marker for writing initials
  • wood varnish
  • Magik glue

Steps :

  1. Stain box
  2. On the inside of the lid we write initials
  3. Roll the felt tightly into rolls ( if it is too delicate, you can wrap, for example, tissues in the middle)
  4. Put it in the box
  5. Decorate the top by sticking hearts

And ready!