Hi! The drawer at my desk is the one I use most often: when I create, note down, organize, which made it a terrible mess for a long time. I was very angry that moments after tidying up everything was mixed up by constantly taking out its contents. And there is only one solution to such problems: separate compartments!

You need to start organizing a drawer by emptying it and segregating everything you find inside. We throw away written pens, broken paper clips or unnecessary notes. We group what is left and plan the arrangement. And then we create it to be beautiful!

  1. I lined the bottom of the drawer with decorative paper and it is immediately pleasing to the eye:)
  2. I used face cream jars to store pins and rubber bands.
  3. I divided the drawer using cardboard. Their size is measured almost every millimeter, so they fit together perfectly and there is no question of tipping (the compartments can be glued e.g. with hot glue).

Now everything has its place and I almost forgot how messy this drawer can look like:)