Hi! Today I would like to encourage you to make a pearl necklace. Its execution may seem complicated to you, but it is not. All we need is time. When I started making pearl balls, my contact with the world broke off 🙂 You can judge the effect for yourself, it suits me very well not only for great outings, but also in everyday life.

To make the necklace we need:

  • pearls – you need about 225 of them, I used the ones with a diameter of 6 mm, so the necklace is not very big. You can use larger pearls and make a larger necklace. I am tempted by this big version 🙂
  • string or jewelry line for stringing beads. I couldn’t find a line in my area and used a thin white string. Surprisingly, it worked better, because the balls looked fuller. Its biggest drawback is the need to sunbathe at each end and slight difficulties when passing through the pearls
  • two types of chain – one thinner for threading pearls and a thicker one for fastening
  • 2 circles
  • 2 pins jewelery
  • clasp
  • if you want, so that the balls stay tight and do not rotate around their axis, glue will also be useful, e.g. a magician

Steps to follow balls :

  1. We thread 4 beads per thread
  2. We thread the left end of the thread through the last bead on the right side
  3. Pull both threads firmly
  4. We thread two beads with one side and one on the other
  5. Thread the end of the thread with one bead through the last bead on the other side and tightly pull both threads
  6. We thread again two beads on one side and one on the other
  7. Thread the end of the thread with one bead through the last bead on the other side and pull both threads tightly
  8. Now we thread the one bead on each side
  9. We thread each end of the thread through the first k oralik, thus formulating a ball.
  10. Of course we tighten the threads tightly
  11. Now we need to strengthen our ball. Each end of the thread is threaded into adjacent beads that are not tied together. After going through all 4 beads, the thread should be in the same place where we started.
  12. Put one thread through the bead so that both threads meet. Then we can make knots and cut the ends of the threads. I was still burning the knot with a gentle fire to make sure that nothing will untie. If my description is not entirely clear to you, take a look at this scheme of making balls from 12 beads, from which I learned to make them myself 🙂

    Steps after making beads:

  13. We thread one pearl on the pin.
  14. Bend the end of the pin and form a loop. I don’t have professional equipment for making jewelry, so I used small pair of pincers and tweezers to make the loop
  15. We connect one of the loops with a thinner chain
  16. We start threading the beads on the chain. Make sure the chain does not twist. You can stick the balls to each other with a little magician
  17. We prepare the second pearl on the pin
  18. When all the balls are on the chain, mark the place with a thread where we will cut the chain (as in the photo with step 16) and mount the pearl prepared on the pin. The most important part of the necklace is finished!
  19. Now we attach a large chain with a clasp on one side, and a circle on the other.
  20. You can also prepare one pearl on a pin and attach it to the ring.


It took 35 pearl beads to make my necklace. The length of the „fastening“ chain is 10 cm, and the chain with strung balls is approx. 35 cm. I put the pearls on a long chain, and I measured the final length on myself and I recommend you to do it:)

And how do you like the effect? Do you like pearls? Will you try to do something similar?