Hello guys! Today I am sharing with you my decoupage art. This is my first work of such a large size and a gift for little Marysia. At the weekend we were at the christening parties and the chest was part of the gift.

My intention was to create a place for souvenirs from early childhood and ultimately this will also be its destiny 🙂 Little shoes , the first Italian, a T-shirt or a handkerchief from the Baptism, cards she received on this occasion. My mother left these souvenirs and I love to come back to them. I don’t do it very often, but every time I take out a box with my little T-shirt, I feel a special joy 🙂

You will get this beautiful napkin with the girl in the Decoupage Garden store. I bought it almost a year ago because it is wonderful. I knew there would be a perfect opportunity to use it 🙂

Scrapiniec shoes painted with nail polish and glued with a Magician. The bottom of the chest was supposed to be pink with white dots, but it turned out that one napkin was not enough. Fortunately, Rossmann saved me with sweet checkered napkins. I bought a wooden box on the Allegro.

I am thinking about preparing a decoupage course for you from scratch, let me know if you would be interested 🙂 I do not create too often, although it gives me great pleasure, because I would not have anywhere keep these treasures of mine. That’s why I try to decorate what I use, such as this hanger.

Have a good afternoon and until tomorrow! 🙂