Hello 🙂 How do you deal with the rubbish revolution? If you do not fully know how to segregate garbage from July 1 and the authorities of your cities did not prepare the necessary information, then I am ready to help. I have prepared a small guide on where to find information on how to sort rubbish now and some suggestions for organizing rubbish cabinets. Feel free!

The entry into force of this law did not make a special impression on me (probably it is the effect of covering with the topic during studies) and segregating rubbish seemed quite natural to me. Only when I found an information in the mailbox about what waste should be stored together I understood what the problem was. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the proposed method makes sense, but will not do without 3 rubbish bins!

But one by one, where to find information on how to segregate waste :

– each municipality was required to accept cleanliness and order maintenance regulations in the form of a resolution, which are published in the Public Information Bulletin on the commune’s website.

More or less it looks like this yes ( on the example of Piotrków, because unfortunately I do not understand the website with resolutions for Łódź, you can not find anything there! ):

  1. Enter the commune’s website.
  2. We are looking for the BIP icon.
  3. On the BIP website we find a tab with resolutions. The resolution adopting the regulations will probably be in 2013, but it is possible that it was adopted earlier. You can use the search engine, but neither in Łódź nor Piotrków this method works. The resolution found in this way will definitely be the current one.

  4. If the „on foot“ method does not work yet uncle google. Enter in the search engine: regulations for maintaining cleanliness and order and the name of the commune.

At the beginning there is a glossary in the regulations, in which we should find an explanation which waste is included in a given type of waste . For example, in Łódź we have wet-bio waste, raw materials and waste left over from segregation. Next we will find other junk information, more or less useful to us, but some of them are definitely worth reading, if only to know how often they should empty the big container, and in case of delay, make an alarm they were not in backyards, streets and forests.

Since we segregate into 3 types of waste, it’s time to buy 3 rubbish bins. Otherwise, we will drown in waste. Of course, the invaluable IKEA comes with help.

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I liked the set of three baskets the most . It fits perfectly into the cabinet, their quantity suits me and what is more, they are very good value. These containers also fit into the drawers.

If there is no need to buy three baskets, you can buy a single item, or completely vice versa, buy a set of five containers. There are many possibilities, for sure everyone will find something for themselves 🙂

I say waste segregation and I always said YES, but unfortunately in the yard, the number of large containers does not change, they are indescribable and all the rubbish is mixed up. How does it look like?