Hi! As I wrote to you in the post about efficient ironing, I don’t have an ironing board. And today I wanted to show you how to manage without a board. In fact, a thick, large towel or blanket is enough. Where we put it depends only on us. The base can be a table, bench, desk or kitchen counter. The higher the place the better, we don’t have to bend down. I iron on the bench and to make it comfortable, I do it sitting down. You can too!

You can use this method, e.g. in a dormitory (although there will probably be a good soul who has an ironing board) or on vacation, if there is no board at the accommodation .

For some time I was thinking about making this makeshift ironing board, just the pad , which we can put anywhere. Maybe you will like this idea – you can find the tutorial here.

Another solution is making a small board , e.g. on a folding stool or table. It does not take up as much space as a normal board, but we always have a separate place for ironing – click tutorial.

Ironing on the board is much more convenient, mainly due to the optimal height. But you can do without it, when, for example, like me, you rent a flat and do not want to buy large dimensions. Sometimes even having a board, you can help yourself in this alternative way. When we iron long curtains with my mother, we do it on a table that has a larger surface than the board and ironing curtains is much more efficient. We cover the blanket or the towel with a white cloth to be sure.

I also have a request for you. I would like to prepare a few ironing tutorials and I count on your tips on this matter. Let me know what causes you the biggest problems while ironing, and I will try to make them less terrible 🙂