My love for washi tape continues, and I enjoy using it to decorate almost anything I can get my hands on. Washi tapes are also great for organization. Thanks to them, we can easily give a unique character to ordinary objects and make our space more organized. I invite you for 33 ideas for a beautiful organization with washi tape.

And I think that each of them will make you agree with me. There are no restrictions when decorating with decorative tape!


Washi tapes as decorative paper for organizers / Pencils / Paper clips / Binders / Old organizers in a new version / Cans turned into containers

Bookmarks with paper clips / Compartments for notebooks and binders / Labels / Magnet bookmark / Dividers for documents / Thematic notebook breakdown


Decorative wooden hangers / Jewelery tree / Storage containers / Hangers in a more delicate version


Wrapped cable that cannot be confused with another / Clip for storing headphones / Labels for cables / Rolls for cables decorated tape


Marking important events / Or tasks / Calendar wall


Labels for caps / Marking of cups on at parties / Egg glasses / Spice cabinet labels


Framed menu / Menu with dishes recorded on washi tape


Purse Clips / Wooden Clips


Decorative boxes / Organization of decorative papers with colors

I hope you feel inspired and when the washi tapes fall into your hands, with you are making good use of them. Let me know which of the proposals you like the most. My favorite is the jewelry tree 🙂