The wedding season is in full swing, so I come to you with our next wedding idea and I hope you like it so much like thanks to the guests. Vignettes – traditional, but each different and unique, because personalized.

We wanted all graphic elements to be consistent with each other, which is why the vignettes were related to the ribbon element for invitations. For the ladies the ribbon was salmon pink, for the men it was blue.

The main „attraction“ of the vignettes were greetings written in ribbons. We tried to make each of them adjusted to the person and to make sure that as few of them were repeated as possible. They concerned, inter alia, have fun and be happy that they are with us on such an important day for us. The guests liked the idea because they took vignettes with them as a souvenir and we heard more than once that it was a great idea. It’s very nice!

On the other side of the vignettes was our monogram and date of the wedding 🙂

PS I’m looking forward to the new version of the blog, where the photos will be bigger, bigger and all the details are finally visible!