Finally, I realized my little whim and bought washi tape decorative tapes. Today I want to show you my first – but not the only one – DIY with their use.

Unfortunately, the keys on the laptop have worn out, and I couldn’t work on them in peace. They annoyed me and I absolutely wanted to do something about them. Washi tape is perfect for a temporary solution.

The tape does not leave a layer of glue because it is paper, so you can easily stick it to various surfaces. And when we get bored of tearing it off.

I glued the tape directly to the keys and I cut it gently with a bookbinding knife. I don’t have a centimeter in my eyes, so it was safe.

Be sure to let me know if you know the washi tape decorative tapes and how you use them.

PS during the move, we are trying to clean up our new flat. Fortunately, it is closer than farther to the end and I hope that by Wednesday I will have a moving entry wpis