I have a few things to share with you, because there are big and small changes 🙂


We are changing our existing flat to a new one, but not ours yet. It turned out that we got a little attached to the current place and the decision to move out was not so obvious. After all, we had quite a few great moments here. However, it was totally “not mine” and that’s probably why I showed you so little of it. The new one is still a lot short of the apartment of my dreams, but I can’t wait to move. And even though even before that I know that thanks to this I will carry out more blog projects that have been on my mind for a long time.


I will not to hide that the look of your blog has been asking for changes for quite some time. I myself need these changes very much, so I hope that in mid-July at the latest I will be able to show you a blog in a new, beautiful graphic design. And it will be not only nicer, but also more functional.

THIRD: 100happydays

For several months I had been following a photo marked with the hashtag 100happydays on Instagram and I wanted to take part in this challenge. Until I finally broke down and found that I couldn’t keep putting it off until later. You can follow all my photos on Instagram and under # niezałaganka100happydays. If you also take part in this challenge, be sure to leave your profile names and your personal hashtags. I would love to join you in watching your little joys.

I feel under my skin that these are not the horses of these changes, but all of them – the certain and uncertain – I can’t wait