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Organization of jewelry: necklaces – order in the house, order in the life at Home

Hello 🙂 Today I present to you the best way to organize necklaces, which will be perfect for small apartments, where there is no place to display them.

I complain about the excess space I can’t, that’s why I value solutions that make it easier for me to use and store various items. And if something is simple, sometimes even banal, and it makes our life a little easier, then I just have to do it :). I think you have already noticed that I do not use very sophisticated methods neither for organization nor for cleaning. And it is similar with this jewelry hanger 🙂 Simple, even banal way, and thanks to it, the necklaces hang beautifully, they are always at hand, they do not take up much space. And most importantly, they are not tangled!

We need :

  • wooden hanger, I embellished this a little
  • ceiling hooks, available for purchase in any DIY market

Steps :

  • we screw the hooks into the hanger, you have to wind up a bit, but you can help yourself by making small holes with the sharp end of the knife. Then the hook will start to screw in well and then it should go smoothly 🙂


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