Today we are dealing with what causes us the most problems – cables under the desk, at the desk and on the desk. Perpetually tangled, no-one knows what from what, in a word, chaos. I am looking forward to the moment when all devices will be wireless. But for now, quality has to be dealt with. Here are my proven ways. I invite you 🙂

The first way is to prepare the organizers for cables that will allow us to fasten. We wind the cables nicely and fasten them with such a roll. „At freedom“, we leave only enough cable to connect the equipment with the contact.

We can make such organizers ourselves.

We need:

  • a piece of leather, with which we cut out strips about 8 cm long. I cut it by eye, it’s best to try on some cable 🙂
  • studs

How we do:

Cut out triangles in the stripes on one side. At this end, we make holes and insert studs into them. On the other hand, use a knife to make a delicate incision through which we put the studs. After fastening the tips of the studs, you can unfold it, I did it when I fastened the cables under the desk. It is not necessary to fasten, for example, headphones to a laptop, it is enough to just put the stud through the hole, it will be easier to remove the cables 🙂

Beautiful, spring and very feminine cable organizers were made by Lili Naturalna and probably herself I will also let some spring under my desk 🙂

You have probably already seen this solution somewhere, but if you had any doubts about its usefulness, I will dispel it today 🙂 It is a very convenient way to have cables at hand, which we often need, but do not have to be connected to computer, such as a printer cable. When buying clips, make sure that they are sufficiently large. Then pin them to your desk without any problems.

A How do you organize your cables?