Hi 🙂 Today a few words about the student organization. Maybe the topic is not very timely, because the end of the academic year is near the belt, but for me it is the end of my student life and instead of organizing my notes, I will dispose of them:)

I think that these methods are universal enough that they can also be used to organize a home office.

In the first photo you can see my memo archive . This is not all, because this year’s binder is still missing and the loose materials are hidden in the box. Is it worth making such an archive? Undoubtedly, yes, because you never know when your notes from the first year of study will be useful to you. In defense, I have to learn some miracles from the second, third and fourth years in addition to the seminar subject. Yes I know. It’s hard for me to believe it too, and even harder to accept it.

1. If you are wondering whether to invest in notebooks, or in loose sheets and a binder, for me the answer is obvious. Only pages 🙂 You never know how many notes are waiting for you and whether one notebook will become three, or you will only write a few pages. Of course, it all depends on the specificity of the direction, but there is one undoubted advantage of the cards. You don’t need to carry a few notebooks, one set of cards is enough 🙂

2. Once we decide on the cards, we MUST number them. This is a small minus, but without it this system does not work. We can number each lecture from scratch, but for me it was much more convenient to increase numbering.

3. Dividers that will separate notes from individual subjects. Of course you can buy ready-made ones, but you can take advantage of a rainy day and do them yourself 🙂

Below is a small course:

We need:

  • A4 cardboard – I used the cover from the notebook on a spring. It can be any cardboard or even a sheet from a technical block
  • Decorative Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How we do :

  1. We cut a rectangle out of decorative paper , larger than a cardboard by at least 1 cm.
  2. glue at the edge
  3. Glue
  4. Cut the corners as in the photos
  5. First glue the sides, then the top and bottom
  6. Prepare a circle / rectangle
  7. We stick them to the unsticked part
  8. We cut a rectangle from the decorative paper 0.5 cm smaller on each side than our cardboard
  9. Stick it, make holes and it’s ready!

In order to maintain order, it is necessary to keep the cards in place 🙂

If your notes are not that extensive, you can keep them in a folder with dividers. You can buy them in every stationery, and before the start of the school year in every supermarket. I kept my studies in this briefcase.

Notebooks to carry cards for classes and keep them during study. Their selection is huge, but don’t forget that you can make it yourself. Oh, like here.

What are your best practices for organizing notes and documents? Do you leave notes „as a souvenir“ after your studies? I think I will have to make some great holiday bonfire 🙂