Hello on Saturday morning 🙂 Today I have prepared four ways of folding bedding. I hope that each of you will find something for themselves and beautifully folded sheets will appear on your shelves.

The first way is to hide the duvet cover, pillowcase and sheets (if you wish) to the center of the pillowcase. Duvet cover or sheet fold it freely into a square or rectangle. Hide in the pillowcase, fold the excess to the bottom and it’s ready!

I have called the second method as a gift, because it seems to be the most effective of all that I present to you. The duvet cover and the pillowcase should be folded into a small rectangle, it is important that they are of the same size. We can also put together a sheet. Then prepare the second pillowcase according to steps 1 and 2. We wrap it around the folded pillowcases and the gift is ready 🙂

I use the third method the most, because it looks great and its folding is not time-consuming. It may remind you a bit of edgeless folding of towels. The key is to fold the duvet cover properly. Inside it we put folded pillowcases.

I think you know this way We just fold the sheets and put the duvet cover and pillows on each other. It’s not bad and for many years this is what my bedding used to be like, but by hiding the pillowcases inside we get a much better effect.

I hope that you liked my suggestions and you will use them in your homes. Or maybe you already know them or use other methods?