Hello 🙂 Today I have a very simple and easy life for you way to organize cables. Ideally suited to the storage of phone chargers, USB cables, headphones, fleas or USB flash drives.

We need:

  • roll after toilet paper
  • box
  • optional glue and decorative paper

Steps :

  1. The box I used is transparent, so I wrapped my rolls with paper, recently I am a freak of gray paper and used it here too. If you choose a cardboard box, the rolls will not be visible anyway, so you do not have to stick them.
  2. wrapping we need strips about the height of the roll.
  3. Put the finished rolls into the box. You choose such a box or prepare enough rolls so that they do not run. They must be tight, then you can easily remove the necessary cable . If there is some slack, you can stick the rolls together. I also added cards with the description of each compartment to make it even more practical and a bit colorful.

I hid the box in a drawer, which previously was also a place for storing cables, just terribly tangled. Be sure to try this method and you will forget about tangled cables that cannot be found anywhere.

The only drawback is collecting rolls, it was definitely the worst for me, but apparently in every Polish house there are Zachomikowe rolls at least from last week. I wonder if it is true 😉

Will you use this method or do you have other patents for order among cables?